A conversation with @TheBeerGal

The Beer Gal
The Beer Gal

A conversation with @TheBeerGal

The Beer Gal
The Beer Gal
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This post is part of an on-going series of posts where we plan to highlight craft beer personalities from Instagram.

Today, we talk to Stephanie (@thebeergal). Stephanie is a D.C.-based beer fan who posts magazine-worthy beer photos.

We’re big fans of everything Stephanie posts as well as following where she’ll drink beer next.

You can follow Stephanie on Instagram by clicking here!

What was the first craft you ever had?

Good question!  I ask myself the same thing.  I wish I had this mind-blowing moment where I tried my first craft and just knew I was hooked but if I’m answering honestly, I don’t know. 

I likely had the “starter crafts” like your classic Blue Moon, some kind of a Sam Adams seasonal, or a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  All of those old school classics that weren’t a Coors Light (which was my college go-to, btw) are what had me eager to try more and more varieties. 

I do have a vivid memory of the first time I tried DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus (holy heck that came out in 2011) and knowing I wanted to try all of the crazy experimentals from there forward.  Peanut butter in your beer is anything but crazy now.    

What was it that made you fall in love with craft beer?  

100% my family!  I’m not entirely certain who influenced who but before I knew it my mom, dad, and one of my two sisters were all loving craft beer.  Thanksgiving and Christmas would turn into beer tastings where we’d all bring fun stuff to share and we’d line up all of the empty beer bottles/cans in order from favorite to least. 

So fun that we all share the passion for craft, and it is definitely the reason why I love it so much. 

PS – My other sister likes Moscato.  Don’t everybody gag at once.  

What are some of your favorite beer styles at the moment?

I’m a sucker for a good sour and all of the hazy/milkshake IPAs…at this very moment.  If you asked me this question two years ago my answer would have been without a doubt a bourbon barrel stout!  Isn’t it crazy how beer styles come in phases?  It was definitely the dark beers that really got me into craft. 

While we’re on the topic, what are some of your favorite breweries at the moment?

Untitled Art, Aslin, Divine Barrel & Oozlefinch

I’m becoming a big fan of beer in the DC area since there is so many great options to chose from AND Richmond is right down the highway.  What are some of your favorite breweries outside of the DC area?

Agreed – there’s a lot of great beer coming out of VA!  Richmond is a hot spot and I love The Veil (don’t we all) as well as Vasen.  Travel Southeast a bit further (ahem, toward my hometown Yorktown, VA) you get Alewerks out of Williamsburg, Benchtop Brewing in Norfolk and last but not least, Oozlefinch in Hampton!  That’s definitely a handful of my absolute favorites right there.  

You take some pretty awesome pics for the ‘Gram.  What kind of equipment do you use and do you have professional photography skills?

Thank you!  I don’t have any professional photography skills but I sure am trying to learn a bit more about it.  I have a Sony a6000 that I bought years ago for hiking/travel trips.  I have two lenses (aside from the kit lens) that I switch back and forth from.  While I probably should change the settings based on, well lots of things, I tend to leave the camera on the same mode and switch the aperture based on how blurred I want the background.   

If you could travel to one beer city you’ve never been before, which would it be?

It’s not one city per se, but it would definitely be all over Vermont to hit up Hill Farmstead, The Alchemist, Zero Gravity, etc.  I’d also have to hike while I was at it! 

Do you have any other Instagram accounts you’d recommend for beer lovers?

Since I tend to love photography and want to get much better at it – I was first inspired by @craftbeerdeer.  I think her account is perfectly curated and her photos are stunning!  I’m still trying to find my “style” but her account is what I aspire to.  In addition, I think @glimmerofhop comes up with the most creative photos I’ve seen and her captions are sure to make you giggle.   

Lastly, how can our readers at all home find you online?

All I’ve got so far in my instagram handle – @thebeergal!  

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