Texas Beer Buffs Rally at a Beer Run

Texas Beer Buffs Rally at a Beer Run

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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

This week, beer drinkers in Houston, Texas participated in Houston’s first ever Beer Run. Unlike your typical beer mile, in which the most ill-minded among us decide to chug beers while running (why? Seriously, why?!), this Beer Run is aimed at giving a boost to those breweries in the Houston area who are in grave danger of failing as a result of the ongoing pandemic. In this instance, “beer run” is more of a parade, or in a more classic definition, people banding together to run out for their local beers. You know, like when you were just a youngster and you had to send some unwitting party attendee out to replenish the supplies. This time, however, it’s far more responsibly run and benefits a much better cause than just your inebriation.

Organized by Sylvia Benavidez, who runs the local craft beer Facebook page for the area (found here), organized the run so that participants can form a motorcade and follow along the route to 4-6 breweries per event, which spanned Aug 1-2. The participants were encouraged to place orders ahead of time to ensure smoother service and safer social distancing practices. Participants were also encouraged to stay in their cars for the duration of the event. Think of it as a cash infusion for a large number of breweries in the area who are really hurting in these most uncertain times. 
The way I see it, this event is a microcosm of the everlasting support of the beer industry by its dedicated consumers. It shows that there are like-minded people everywhere who want to see their local favorites succeed and are willing to lend a helping hand. All across the country people have been doing their part by drinking their beer. What a time to be alive. More information on this wonderful and encouraging event and the participating breweries can be found at the Houston Chronicle.

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