More Growth for Bell’s Brewing

More Growth for Bell’s Brewing

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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

We are back with some more Bell’s Brewing news. The long-standing brewery behind the famous Two Hearted Ale will add another state to its distribution portfolio: Oklahoma. The news comes following a statement by the brewery on July 30th. The brewery will begin the aforementioned distribution later in the year, with the help of Republic National Distributing Company of Oklahoma. This will make for 42 states under their belt. 

The beers heading into the Sooner State for distribution are (of course) Two Hearted Ale, Official (hazy IPA), Oberon Ale, and the recently released Light Hearted Ale, a low-calorie IPA with a light abv of 3.7%. The Light Hearted Ale was a Bell’s General Store exclusive release in 2019, and the response was strong enough to merit a much larger distribution for those trying to be mindful of their beer’s nutritional information.

President and founder Larry Bell is quoted in the news release, saying “In a year when so much has changed for our business and industry, we’re excited to share our beer with new craft beer lovers.” As a resident of a state that only recently got Bell’s distribution, I can say with a degree of certainty that there will be beer lovers lining up at liquor stores to get their hands on the storied Two Hearted Ale.

The news release also offered a small background on the distribution company they’ve partnered with, stating that their roots date back before that foul part of American history known as Prohibition. The statement also reads that “Their knowledge in the process and craft of alcoholic beverage production fuels their passion for the art of selling lifestyle products.” Beer buffs of Oklahoma are getting a small gift in a most stressful year, so cheers to new beers!

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