A conversation with @beerstagramming!

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This post is part of an on-going series of posts where we plan to highlight craft beer personalities from Instagram.

Today, we sit down with Deborah (@beerstagramming), a craft beer personality from Washington, DC who describes herself as a “Beerventurer”.

We enjoy following Deborah’s craft adventures, so we thought you may as well!

You can follow Deborah on Instagram by clicking here!

What was the first craft you ever had?

My gateway craft beer was definitely the original Stone IPA!

What was it that made you fall in love with craft beer?

When I was a senior in college, my friends and I went on a trip down to San Diego that somehow turned into a microbrewery crawl. I learned so much about craft beer and fell in love with it. You could just tell that the people who brewed and served it really loved it and that excitement was contagious.

What are some of your favorite beer styles at the moment?

I’m always in favor of a good old IPA: West Coast, NE, Double, Hazy, Sour; I love them all.

While we’re on the topic, what are some of your favorite breweries at the moment?

My local favorites are Hellbender and Bluejacket in DC and Rocket Frog Brewing out in Sterling. I’m also obsessed with a lot of Richmond breweries like the Veil and Vasen, but my ultimate favorite is my hometown favorite, the Bruery in Placentia/Anaheim, CA.

I see you’re a transplant from California.  What major differences do you see between the California craft beer scene and the D.C. scene?

I think they’re pretty similar given that I think beer culture extends across the country. California beer is also broadly defined, given that CA is huge and DC is a little big city, so there’s really not a comparison to make. DC beer is not as widely distributed as some of the bigger California brands. I think because of that, and during the age of COVID, you see the community in DC really hyping up and supporting the local breweries because as patrons, you have a responsibility to support local. I’m sure that’s also the case throughout the country during the pandemic, but in DC, I think it feels important to support your local brewery and to keep them brewing.

If you had to describe your ultimate craft beer, what would it be (special IPA, adjunct stout, old style, etc)

A fruited, sour IPA is the most perfect thing on Earth, don’t you think?

It looks like, prior to COVID of course, you travel a lot.  Any major beer destinations on your list once we’re able to travel again?

Definitely Japan and Hong Kong. They were on the list for 2020, but obviously got put on hold!

We love your account, however, do you have any other Instagram accounts you’d recommend for beer lovers?

I’ve been loving @theecraftbeerconnoisseur lately – they’ve been doing a great series on sours all July! @bnico2004 is super sweet and she has the best beer picks/pics! Obviously @benyashburn of @crownsandhops is GOALS.

Lastly, how our readers at all home find you online?

I’m all on Instagram hence the name @beerstagramming!