Hop Farm Brewing has an AMAZING can selection right now

Hop Farm Cans to go

Hop Farm Brewing has an AMAZING can selection right now

Hop Farm Cans to go
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Photo courtesy of Hop Farm Brewing

If you’re like me, you’ve retreated a little bit during this summertime phase of pandemic life. I’m missing going to baseball games, swimming, and going to the beach. But you know what I’m not missing? Craft beer. 

Canning has been the name of the game for many breweries in the COVID era. Hop Farm Brewing, located at the end of Lawrenceville on Butler Street is producing some excellent cans right now.  Quiet and relaxed in the atmosphere, it’s a great place. Plus, it has something for everyone when it comes to beer. No matter what your drinking style, there’s a beer for you there. 

And the can selection, yinz guys. It’s MASSIVE and awesome right now! From the Das Lager vienna lager to the Small Crop session IPA, the choices are fire. Those that really peak my interest include the Breakfast Juice, a kettle soured New England IPA. Tart and juicy, this sour hazeboi sounds great for a summer day. The can art for Margotberry berliner weisse also is amazing. With Tim Burton-esque can art and the sour berry notes with a dry finish, I’m sold. This one is my go-to when it comes to Hop Farm! There’s also a west coast, a hard seltzer, several IPAs and a guava-loaded New English IPA. 

That’s not all! Hop Farm also has Provision Pgh, a local restaurant, cooking out of the kitchen. I’ve had them at Federal Galley and the food was sooooo good. They’ve focused on sandwiches for their options at Hop Farm, and have burger options that are making me drool as I write this. Umami aioli and smoked mushrooms? YUM. The vegetarian sloppy joe also looks amazing for those who would prefer a veggie option! 

The best part? It’s all available to go as well as in dine-in options (limited capacity of course).  The curbside takeout system is beyond easy and we’ve used it during these crazy times. They’re even open on Mondays from 3-10! Open from Weds-Sunday as well, make a run to Hop Farm to start this new week off on a good foot!

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