Odell Brewing to Introduce Allkind Hard Kombucha

Odell Brewing to Introduce Allkind Hard Kombucha

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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

Here in Colorado, where this article was written, Odell Brewing abounds. Based in the northern front-range town of Fort Collins, this prolific brewery is set to expand their already expansive and storied portfolio with a venture into the realm of kombucha. The new brand Allkind Hard Kombucha will not tout the name of its parent company, as they are hopeful that it will grow beyond the already established markets of the company and flourish in its own right. CEO Eric Smith said “…we’ve developed a shelf stable product that’s brewed separately from our beer, we want to give it the opportunity to meet new people in further reaching markets.”

The new brew will be available in two flavors- Super Berry and Tropical Turmeric, and will be available in standard six packs as well as 16oz cans for individual purchase. The hard kombucha is gluten-free, and uses organic ingredients such as tea, sugars and juices. The company is hopeful for the certification badges in both regards to come through before the launch of their new product line. The hard kombucha is brewed entirely separately from the beer, and gluten does not come in contact with these particular production facilities.

The most impressive part of this already impressive expansion is that Odell claims that they have a “proprietary, lab-supported process” that has allowed for their kombucha to be shelf stable, allowing for longer shelf life. This development was not without its challenges, as achieving consistency of flavor while staying true-to-style was a hard-won fight. The largest advantage of this expansion of an entirely new, separate brand under the tutelage of Odell is that they will now be ready and able to provide an alcoholic, gluten-free alternative to people who are adverse to beer for whatever reason. Personally, I’m never opposed to new booze formats. If you happen upon some of this gut-friendly libation, let us know what you think!

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