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Voodoo Ranger Collabs with Marty McFly

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Ok, not really… but sort of. New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger series has been going strong for a little over 3 years now. Originally introduced in 2017, this IPA series has quite a few re-imaginings already. Now, in the bleakest year in recent memory, New Belgium Brewing has a fun and creative twist for the craft beer connoisseurs of the United States- a fresh, fruit forward IPA with a 6.7% ABV called Voodoo Ranger 1985. Here’s the real kicker- the company delivered this beer straight to peoples’ homes with the help of a “gigawatt time machine”. According to the Voodoo Ranger Instagram video, they “can’t legally mention [this vehicle] by name”. This one-day only event was exclusive to the people of Chicago, but IPA lovers nationwide can still get their hands on this fresh new release.

In questionable times, alcohol delivery has become more popular (and legal) than ever. According to Voodoo Ranger Brand Manager Dave Knospe, “…we thought, how can we bring a bit of fun to that experience? We’re excited to reveal 1985 in such a nostalgic way”. As a longtime fan of the movie series being alluded to by this release, you can bet there will be a rush of nostalgia driven beer-guzzlers signing up for this one. Additionally, the brand will be donating a minimum of $5,000 of the proceeds from delivery to the Comp Tab Relief Fund, benefiting affected hospitality workers.

The beer is a solid and drinkable 6.7% with a hop bill touting Cascade, Simcoe and Citra. Additionally, they have infused mango into this beer to make extra craveable for a hot summer day. It has an IBU rating of only 30 as well as oats and wheat, certain to balance each other well for easy drinkability. Go get some of this throwback beer while you can!

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