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Cake Beer
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Have Your Cake and Drink it too at Strange Roots

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Photo courtesy of Strange Roots Experimental Ales

If there’s one thing I am completely and shamelessly open about with yinz, it’s this: I love dessert beers. Truthfully, I like most beers, but the quirkier offerings seem to pique my interest more than traditional styles. Strange Roots Experimental Ales has always been a purveyor of alcoholic oddities in the best way possible. This week, they’ve hit the mother lode. 

The Cake Beer series is ending with a vengeance this week.  It began with the Imperial Cake Beer, a 10% ale conditioned on cake. A sweet one, this beer is for the dessert lovers out there. Next, they struck with Carrot Cake Beer. This one flew off the shelves and out the door through online ordering so quickly I was not able to try it! With an aroma just like the cake, this beer was tasty and boozy, weighing in at 10.6% ABV. 

This week, they’re ending the series. Pineapple Upside Down Cake Beer, another 10%er, is bursting with pineapple flavor and that sweetness that goes hand in hand with this cake beer series.  It smells like summer with those fruit undertones and tastes exactly as promised.  What a winner! 

Strange Roots is operating with a to-go only model at both their Millvale and Gibsonia locations in the ‘Burgh. Open Weds-Fri for take out, the website still has plenty of the original Imperial Cake Beer and the Pineapple version available for a midweek treat! For those of you outside the ‘Burgh, Strange Roots also ships! Check out their site today for more information and to see what other goodies they have available by mail. Time to have our cake and drink it too! 

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