Hard Times for Modern Times


Photo Cred: Ian Steele

The hits just keep on coming. This week, San Diego-based brewery Modern Times was forced to make massive furloughs across several locations. This move comes in response to the COVID crisis, which continues to create problems for American beer makers.

Modern Times released the following statement: “With reopening phase rollbacks and payroll protection loans exhausted, we’ve been forced to furlough many of our Los Angeles, San Diego, Encinitas, and Santa Barbara hospitality employees… to say that this is heartbreaking for us doesn’t begin to cover how we’re feeling”. 

The real catalysts for these massive furloughs are the reopening rollbacks happening currently across California, as well as the payroll protection program ending just recently. Effectively, this created the perfect storm for the California brewery, with five of their seven locations affected; the included locations for the furlough are their two locations in San Diego, one in Encinitas, one in Los Angeles, and one in Santa Barbara.

In response to this most difficult decision, Modern Times immediately opened a tipping program to support their affected employees, to be found here. All of the proceeds collected through their merch store will be split and given directly to their employees who have been furloughed.

In addition to the furloughs, Modern Times also had two non-hospitality employees test positive for COVID-19, prompting them to do rapid testing on all employees at the particular location, as well as bring in a professional cleaning crew to ensure the sanitation of the employees’ workspaces. Let’s all hope that things turn around for the Californian giants soon.