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Deschutes Moves Into NA Beer

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Photo Cred: Ian Steele

Recently, we posted an article about the legendary Deschutes Brewing Company 32nd anniversary, as well as the subsequent releases in honor of the occasion. The releases included the 32nd anniversary edition of the renowned Black Butte Porter, as well as the first-ever national release of their little-known and super-rare Black Butte Cubed. See the descriptions/article here.

The Oregon-based brewery is well-known for making genre defining styles, which is why the Black Butte Porter is literally listed as an example of an ideal American porter. More recently, they set their sights on producing a high-quality non-alcoholic beer worthy of their name and legacy. Apparently, they’ve done it.

The first non-alcoholic release by the brewery is in the style of an Irish Stout, with the Deschutes website describing it as a “Traditional Irish-style stout with coffee-like roasted malt character, light chocolate and a dry, light bodied drinking experience”. The beer has an ABV of 0.5%.

The move comes in response to an upward trend in non-alcoholic beer sales, with a traditional Deschutes twist. Where most non-alcoholic beers follow lighter styles, there are frightfully few varieties for the health-conscious beer drinker. It appears that Deschutes history may be repeating itself (in a good way), as the pioneers of the porter have brought dark beer into an untraditional realm once more.

The beer comes in partnership with Sustainable Beverage Technologies, whose proprietary BrewVo™ technology helps maintain flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel in a non-alcoholic capacity. The company’s main focus is to produce beer as sustainably as possible, but in this particular instance, according to Deschutes development director Veronica Vega, “The process we selected was based on producing the best flavor, enough to surprise our customers that the beer indeed is non-alc.”

The beer was released July 8 in a limited test-run capacity, with a larger released planned for later in the year.

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