We dropped our Cheers, Yinz! 2 glass last night… and it’s awesome!

Cheers Yinz 2
Cheers Yinz 2

If you remember the original Cheers, Yinz! glass, you’ll recall how incredibly popular the glass was when we released it (we had to make TWO orders for it).

Well, we decided to bring the design back for a second iteration! Last night, we released Cheers, Yinz! 2, a 16oz Rastal Craft Master Grand glass that features the Cheers, Yinz! logo and the Fueled By Hops logo in brilliant, reflective gold ink.

The glass is shiny, looks awesome on display, and will be perfect for any style beer you want to throw in it.

And, like the original Cheers, Yinz! glass, it’s priced to fit in anyone’s budget.

You can order your glass by visiting our store.

The glass ships in Late July 2020.