The Answer Brewpub temporarily closes to implement their COVID-19 exposure plan.

The Answer Brewpub
The Answer Brewpub

Let’s be honest here… COVID-19 sucks!

A few days ago, we caught wind that Richmond, VA’s The Answer Brewpub was closing for the week. We assumed this was for vacation, renovations, or some other reason.

This is certainly important to us because Ryan and Joe are planning a trip to Richmond, VA this weekend (July 17-19) and The Answer Brewpub is certainly at the top of the “must stop at” list.

This morning, The Answer announced via social media that one of their employees tested positive COVID-19, and as a precautionary measure, they are closing the Brewpub to implement their ‘COVID-19 exposure plan’, which includes a deep cleaning of the facility as well as not allowing postive-testing employees to return to work until they can test negative.

While this certainly puts a damper on our trip, we FULLY understand and support their decision to keep everyone safe.

Also, as of right now, it’s seem Mekong, their sister restaurant located next door to The Answer Brewpub, will be remain open.

Kudos to The Answer!