Seltza Drip Dropping in at Grist House


Photo courtesy of Grist House Brewing

It’s a new week! Let me start your week by bringing you good news and great joy: Grist House just had a Sunday night drop of Seltza Drip cans and they’re still available for order in Millvale! Act fast!

Seltzers are having a moment, folks. They’re light, fun and perfect for a Pittsburgh Summer. You know what I mean – the hot, unrelenting heat and lots of time spent outside. I’ve highlighted my love of seltzers in a previous post, and guys, they just do it for me. They’re a great option for when my heart’s not set on a dank double IPA or a high ABV Pastryboi. 

The Seltza Drip series has been selling like hotcakes this summer at Grist. I’ve heard about pretty quick sellouts and rave reviews about several. This drop is the strawberry and guava drop.  At 5%, this is going to be a nice sweet, yet tart easy drinker. You need it. The other two incarnations – mango+passionfruit and tangerine+blackberry have killer untappd ratings. People are raving about how these seltzers are perfect for anything outside right now. 

The cans just hit the Grist House store yesterday, so act fast if this sounds up your alley. They will go quick and they will sell out. Grist also just released some hazeboi-oriented merch as well, so throw a new glass or tshirt in your cart too. Brewery merch is seriously all I’ve been wearing and drinking from this quarantine. 

What a way to start the week! Miss this Seltza drop? Check out Dark Shaman, another that will quench your summertime thirst. Keep up the great work, Grist House!