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Summer days just make me think of sweets. Whether its ice cream from the ice cream truck, freezer pops, or cake at a graduation party, you can’t deny the fact that life is sweet in the summertime. Spoonwood brewing (located in Bethel Park)  is embracing that fact as well with some awesome can and beer releases this week, check ’em out! 

First off, if you’re in the South Hills, you know about Bethel Bakery. This is an institution when it comes to cakes, cookies and everything sweet. I still dream about my wedding cake I got from there that was mango flavored! 

Spoonwood has collaborated with Bethel Bakery for Lemon Glazed!  A cream ale made with milk sugar, lemon puree and yellow cake from the bakery, this beer is seriously just desserts. Tart and citrusy, this 6% beer sounds like a refresher! 

But that’s not all, guys. Another can release this week is Shortcake, a strawberry cream ale. With rolled oats, milk sugar and 500 pounds of pureed strawberries, this is a shortcake in a can. At 6% , this is great for a summer cookout. 

With restaurants and breweries reopening with limited capacity and a 3 drink maximum in Allegheny county, head down to Spoonwood this weekend and grab some food and a four pack to go! 

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