Never Forget a Beer Was Brewed with Wu-Tang Music


Yes, you read that title correctly.  Once, a beer was brewed with WuTang music as a literal ingredient.

The year was 2015, the city was Philadelphia, the brewery was Dock Street Brewing Co., and the idea was simple.  Would beer be better (or even just different) if it was aged while sporting giant headphones on the barrel that played WuTang Music 24/7? It kind of reminds us of playing Mozart for babies in the womb, but infinitely cooler.

The official story is that the brewers wanted to see if the vibrations from the music would agitate the yeast and create a different flavor than the control beer had. We can’t find any results from this study, so it kind of seems like the brewers just wanted to listen to WuTang. For the record, we don’t blame them at all. We want to listen to WuTang all the time too, and never even considered calling it science.

Anyway, when the brew made with WuTang was called Dock Street Beer Ain’t Nothin’ to Funk With and sold out within minutes, with Inspectah Deck in attendance at the release party.

 We can’t help but wonder just what it was we were doing in 2015 that was so important we weren’t there for the release of what is without a doubt the coolest beer recipe of all time.