Aurochs Brewing
Photo Courtesy of Aurochs Brewing
Aurochs Brewing
Photo Courtesy of Aurochs Brewing

Aurochs Brewing to Launch Direct to Consumer Shipping

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NOTE: The following is a press release written and issued by Aurochs Brewing, not Fueled By Hops LLC or any of our content creators. Photo Courtesy of Aurochs Brewing.

Pittsburgh, PA: Aurochs Brewing Company will now offer direct to consumer shipping to consumers in the state of Pennsylvania. The decision was made to help combat complications created by COVID-19 in regards to meeting customer needs.  With an official launch scheduled for Friday, July 10th, customers can order from a selection of award-winning beers and have them shipped to their doorstep. Aurochs Brewing Company is Pennsylvania’s only 100% dedicated and naturally gluten free brewery, crafting beers from millet and quinoa.

Orders can be placed via the brewery’s website – Customers can choose from a number of beers available in 12oz cans including the Aurochs Blonde Ale, Aurochs Porter and Aurochs Hazy IPA. You must be 21 years of age to place an order.  Package delivery will be completed by UPS and local courier service Quick Courier, headquartered in Harrisburg.

In addition to order online, consumers can find a selection of the brewery’s gluten free beers at local beer distributors and in state grocery retails like Whole Foods, Wegmans and Giant Eagle.

About Aurochs Brewing Company:  Aurochs Brewing Company is changing the way the world experiences gluten free beer. Aurochs brews great tasting, naturally gluten free craft beers from great tasting, naturally gluten free grains like millet and quinoa out of their dedicated gluten free facility in Pittsburgh, PA. The award-winning brewery was born out of necessity and is fueled by a passion to enjoy great experiences and great beers. Brewery founders, Doug Foster and Ryan Bove, are both medically required to follow a gluten free diet. 

Aurochs Brewing Company was founded when Bove, after a long and difficult diagnosis process, realized he would be unable to enjoy the amazing selection of barley based craft beers he had grown to love. With the help of childhood friend, Doug Foster – a diagnosed celiac for 30 years – the pair vowed to brew approachable and flavorful craft beers that could compete with barley brewed beers on taste but were safe for anyone medically required to abstain from gluten. 

Today Aurochs produces over 30 varieties of naturally gluten free beer ranging from crisp lagers and fruity, sessionable ales to hoppy IPAs and dark, robust Porters.  Outside of their Pittsburgh based tasting room, Aurochs cans can be found throughout PA.

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