Southern Tier Crowler
Southern Tier Crowler
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FYI: Southern Tier Pittsburgh is having a $3.33 Crowler Sale!

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Photo Courtesy of Southern Tier Pittsburgh

Today, let’s  highlight the mighty crowler. In my opinion, these are infinitely better than the growler options of the past. They don’t go flat if you keep them in the fridge for longer and are around two pints of beer in most standard fills. That’s easily drinkable  in a night if you ask me. Perfect for sharing with friends or killing on your own, they’re worth it. 

Southern Tier’s Pittsburgh location, right on the North Shore by the Pirates Stadium, is currently selling crowlers for 3.33 during these crazy times. This is a steal, guys. Everywhere I’ve gone, they’re been around 8-12 dollars. Did you know they also brew some of the beers right in the Burgh? So you can still get your local fix at this nice price! Here are a few that intrigue me:

Pittsburgh Brew’d: Raspberry Milkshake IPA(7%) : I love a good, slightly hefty IPA. Similar to a New England IPA in nature, this beer uses pectin, fruit, oats and lactose to fortify the beer.  A good balance of tart and sweet during these blisteringly hot days!

Pittsburgh Brew’d: Mexican Coffee Stout (6.3%) : I know, I know. It’s a stout, it’s summer. Hear me out, friends! Stouts are excellent for when the nights cool off and you’re sitting fireside or on your porch chillin’. Brewed with local coffee from Pittsburgh and spiced with cinnamon, chilli peppers and cacao, this beer sounds great to end a summer day with!

Pittsburgh Brew’d: Belgian Witbier (4.4%): A light wheat beer sounds like it needs to be drunk on a pool raft during these hot days. Refreshing and spiced with coriander and orange peel, I love the slightly orangey tones in a wit. Traditional in nature, this is a crushable beer for the summer. 

Like all good things, this crowler sale will be limited in nature. Southern Tier will be back open again on Wednesday of next week, so get your requests in when the site is available again (stay tuned on Social Media)! All of their traditional brews are also included, but try one of these ‘Burgh beers and let me know what you think!

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