The Answer releases three beers this week to honor their late employee and friend, Quy.

Quy Is The Answer
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Photo courtesy of The Answer Brewpub

Richmond, VA’s famed brewery, The Answer Brewpub, released three beers this week in honor of their late friend and employee, Quy.

Quy passed away in mid-2019, at the age of 35, while participating in the Robius Landing Triathlon. A bartender at Mekong, The Answer’s sister restaurant, and was well-known and respected within the brewing community and within The Answer’s devout following.

To honor Quy, The Answer dropped three beers this week: Diablo Forever (a dialed up version of a beer Quy helped create), Quy Lime Pie (an ode to Quy’s favorite dessert), and Quy Is The Answer, an imperial milk stout featuring Quy’s favorite barrels and adjuncts.

We love seeing The Answer do so much to honor their late friend and hope to get our hands on some of these beers very soon.