There’s Never Been a Better Time to Drink Gluten-Free Beer

Aurochs Brewing
Aurochs Brewing

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Drink Gluten-Free Beer

Aurochs Brewing
Aurochs Brewing
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Photo credit: Auroch’s Brewing

Disclaimer: this article features the word “gluten” a LOT.

Gluten is a many-faced monster these days. Gluten reduction for the sake of health, or for more serious reasons, is… prevalent, to say the least. Just a few years ago, gluten-free beer was hardly an option, and what was available was just a little lackluster. Naturally, without the quintessential malt bill that goes into a standard beer, the body of any beer is likely to be a bit thinner. Fast-forward to today, and the foremost gluten-free brands have done an incredible job of utilizing gluten-free brewing ingredients,

This month, it was announced that gluten-free brewery Glutenberg will be teaming up with Total Beverage Solution distributing, in order to reach a wider audience across the nation. With this, they have also announced a new label art design, all effectively color-coded for easily identifiable canning that will help ensure that those who absolutely cannot have any of that nasty-G can avoid it easily. Glutenberg is on the forefront of this niche part of the beer market, and will only grow from here.

It is important to note the scales of gluten-consciousness- gluten-free dedicated means that gluten stays the hell out of any brewing facility, period. General gluten-free means that a brewery making gluten-free beer must have separate equipment in order to truly be certified. Finally, the lowly gluten-reduced, uses enzymes and other tricks to greatly reduce the gluten present in the final product, but those with severe aversions to gluten should absolutely steer clear. For those who have not been able to get Glutenberg beer as of yet, there are plenty of regional options available if you’re willing to spend the time. Auroch’s Brewing in Emsworth, PA offer at least five varieties of canned libations in a completely gluten-free facility (including a witbier, blonde and porter); as does Burning Brothers Brewing in the midwest, with plenty of variety as well. Perhaps the most recognizable and readily available gluten-reduced beer is New Belgium’s Glutiny pale ale, with a relatively aggressive hop profile for the style, and a lighter body than your average pale. Gluten-conscious or not, many of these varieties will give your standard beers a run for their money.

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