Porch Beer Season is Upon Us: Breweries Begin Opening Their Outdoor Seating Areas

Ian Steele
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The warm weather is here to stay. From the location that this article was written, the nights still dip into the high 40’s-low 50’s, but the days are long and beautiful. For the Fueled Fam, that means something amazing- it’s time to break out those porch rockers. The session beers, the light lagers, the fruited ales, the goses. Whatever malt beverage it is that keeps your beer boat afloat, the truest glint of hope in an otherwise chaotic and unpredictable year is the return of the mighty beer garden.

Few things compare to a fresh, cold beer in the sunlight on a hot day, and breweries across the nation are well aware. For those fortunate to have a patio/outdoor seating area already in place, the summer sun is a welcome sight indeed, considering all of the current restrictions currently in place for indoor seating. 

This past Thursday, June 18, 2020, saw the “season premier” of Jersey Girl Brewing Company’s beer garden, rain or shine. Complete with a large tent, picnic tables (socially distanced), sanitation stations and glassware on deck, the crew in northern New Jersey are excited to let their fans enjoy a beer in the great outdoors again.

Taking a bit further west, Denver breweries with large patios have been able to reopen for service as well. With mountain views and beer brewed with Rocky Mountain water, the match was predetermined in the heavens. Breweries like Black Shirt Brewing, Bierstadt Lagerhaus, Tivoli Brewing and Our Mutual Friend Beer Co are all rolling out the umbrellas for the balmy festivities.

With the future of concerts, sports, and other outdoor entertainment being so uncertain, our breweries, bars and restaurants with outdoor seating offer the escape we are all looking for right now. Outdoor concerts are a classic vision of Americana, and beer is right there alongside them. So here’s to all of the breweries who are trying to give us a little taste of what life was like before we all put on the mask.