Breweries Rally to Support National Protests

Black is Beautiful

Photo Courtesy of Weathered Souls Brewing

Unless you have been living directly under a very large rock, it is highly likely that you’re aware of the civil unrest currently sweeping the United States and many other countries worldwide. The people have taken to the streets in protest against police brutality, discrimination, accountability and reform. The nationwide support from Americans has been truly wonderful to see: people are using their voices to educate and improve, and others are taking heed in an effort to better educate themselves as to the plight of people of color right here at home. In a very characteristic fashion, the brewing industry jumped at the chance to help out as well.

Breweries across the nation have been showing their support in a variety of interesting and meaningful ways. In the last few weeks, Weathered Souls Brewing Co of San Antonio, TX, launched a beer initiative called the Black Is Beautiful collaboration, in which breweries across the nation can download their Black Is Beautiful stout recipe, brew the beer, and donate the proceeds to nonprofits and charities for police reform and those who have wrongfully suffered. They have even noted that breweries participating in the effort may put their own twist on the recipe, and have provided a logo space on the pre-designed labels to be released with the beer.

The idea here is similar to that of the Sierra Nevada Resilience series, created to raise funds for wildfire relief efforts, first in California during the Camp Fire, and more recently to help the Australian Bushfire relief.

At the time this article was written, 635 breweries worldwide had joined this most noble effort to bring beer and diversity together in a fantastic display of solidarity. Once upon a time, many small businesses would have been nervous to hurt their business by taking such a strong stance on a fervently hot-button issue, but beer makers worldwide are standing up and showing that they, too, have had enough, and that they’re ready to do something about it. Raise a glass to all the breweries who aren’t scared to say they stand with the systematically oppressed. An exhaustive list of participating can be found on the initiative website. Cheers!