Dock Street Brewing Co - Walker
Dock Street Brewing Co - Walker
Dock Street Brewing Co - Walker
Dock Street Brewing Co - Walker
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The Weirdest Beer Ever Brewed

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We absolutely love when brewers get creative.  Getting innovative with beer recipes is how we wound up using hops in the first place, and how some of our very favorite craft beers came to be.  The brewers we’re about to cover went a little above and beyond in terms of creativity though.  These are three of the absolute weirdest beers ever brewed.


Walker is a 7.2% ABV American Ale produced by Dock Street Brewing Co in Philadelphia.  While Dock Street has undoubtedly produced some crowd pleasing brews, Walker is a beer for the more, um, adventurous among us. 

Featuring a zombie on the label and taking its name directly from The Walking Dead, Walker makes this list for one ingredient.  Brains.  Seriously, this beer is brewed with actual real roasted goat brains.

Also, it has cranberries, if you care about that at all.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout is brewed by Wynkoop Brewing Co in Denver.  If you know what a Rocky Mountain oyster is, you already know why this beer is on the list. If you don’t, let us enlighten you.  A Rocky Mountain oyster is not, in fact, an oyster. Rocky Mountain oysters are bull testicles.

This beer is brewed with bull testicles.  The brewers describe the taste as, “Deep flavors of chocolate, coffee, roasted grains, and nuts. Yes, nuts. Three balls per barrel.”

Beer Ball is a great drinking game, but we’re just not sure about trying Ball Beer.

Celest-Jewel Ale

It wouldn’t be a proper “weird ingredients” craft beer article if Dogfish Head didn’t come up at least once.  While they may be known for their experimental beers, this brew in particular takes the cake. 

We’ll get right to the special ingredient here: this ale is brewed with “lunar meteorites steeped like tea” in it. That’s right, Dogfish Head made a beer that’s quite literally out of this world. 

If you’re an adventurous drinker these brews should definitely be ones to seek out.  And the next time you see a friend drinking the same old brew they always do, might we suggest sending them this article and letting them know it’s time to switch things up a bit?

You know how the famous old saying goes: Why drink your favorite brew when you could try something made with brains or bulls or the literal moon?

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