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Funniest Music-Inspired Beer Names

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Beer and Music go together like drunk and disorderly.  Whether you’re selecting music on the jukebox at the local taproom or playing your perfect playlist at home, there’s nothing better than good tunes and good brews.  But you know what else goes really well with those things? Jokes. So we’re proud to present you with some of the funniest beer names inspired by music.

Hauling Oats

Ok, honestly, we genuinely don’t know if Tenaya Creek Brewery knows what they did here. Nowhere on the label or beer description do they reference Hall and Oates, but honestly that makes the name even funnier. 

The first entry in a list of beer names inspired by music might not even be inspired by music. Hilarious.

Hauling Oats is an Oatmeal Stout with a 5.7% ABV and trying one will definitely pair nicely with Rich Girl or Sara Smile no matter what the brewer’s intention was.

Sweet Child of Vine

Brewed by Fulton Beer, Sweet Child of Vine is an English IPA with a 6.4% ABV.  The beer is described as being brewed with “generous quantities of Simcoe and Glacier Hops,” with more Glaciers added later in the fermentation.

Sweet Child of Vine has an average 3.68 rating on Untappd so maybe it won’t become a timeless classic like its namesake.

Do you know who thought Sweet Child O’ Mine wouldn’t be a timeless classic, though?

Slash. That’s who. So maybe give it a try.


MMMHops Pale Ale is brewed by Hanson Brothers’ Brewing Company.  Yes, those Hanson Brothers. 

Were you wondering what that one hit wonder 90s boy band was doing nowadays? Of course you weren’t.

But the answer is brewing beer. And they named their first beer MMMHops. 

Get it? Like MMMBop? Their one hit? We can’t get over it. 

The beer description says it won an award or something, and the Untappd rating is 3.21.  However, Untappd user Brent S. left a recent review saying, “So apparently my previous rating for this beer was 4 stars. Clearly I was drunk. It is super not good. I wanna kick all three brothers […]”

We obviously cut that review short, but we think you get the point. So do what you want with that information, we guess.

Music inspires brewers to brew and painters to paint and joggers to not collapse from exhaustion.  Beer inspires us to pretend we’re good singers when good music comes on. 

The two really do pair together better than any fine wine and cheese, so it’s no surprise there’s a ton of beers named after music. 

We could have chosen any of those, by the way, and chose to give you MMMHops. You’re welcome.

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