An Ode to the Roundabout Pop-Up

Roundabout Brewing Popup
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This warmer weather has everyone, myself included, thinking about summer. Oh, how I long for the days of watching the Pirates sink to the basement of the NL central again! (Can you tell I’m a bitter yinzer regarding baseball?)

But really, with summer coming and things literally going yellow, drinking outside is looking better and better. 

One of my favorite places to get a beer on a sunny Saturday in the ‘Burgh is the Roundabout Brewing pop up.  Located at 1836 Oxline Street in Pittsburgh, it’s right on the water and close to the legendary bike shop Bicycle Heaven.

It’s located right off the Three Rivers Heritage Trail – so you can get in a bike ride and a beer or two! 

My personal favorite is Ginga Wheat, a Roundabout staple. An American wheat beer with notes of honey, lemon, and fresh pressed ginger.. it literally tastes like summer!

The pop up is open most weekends and even can be serving beers during some warmer days in the fall and winter. Follow @roundaboutpop on Instagram for the hours and special food truck appearances! 

Fingers crossed this pandemic subsides and we can all enjoy a great beer outside soon.