Best Low Calorie Craft Beers (That Are Actually Good)

Monday Night Brewing
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The Quarantine-15 is a very real phenomenon happening to people stuck at home with the gyms closed.  Not us, obviously, we’re as good looking as ever.  It’s happening to other people, though, and those other people may be tempted to turn to lower calorie drinks like hard seltzer.  Before you abandon your craft beer for a can of seltzer that tastes like the memory of a strawberry, try one of these low calorie (and actually good) craft beers.

Black Rice Ale

Black Rice Ale is a Brown Ale that clocks in at only 97 calories but still has a 3.8% ABV.  Brewed by Anderson Valley Brewing Company, this beer is almost pitch black and definitely doesn’t look like a 97 calorie beer.  If you weren’t intrigued already, check out this description from the brewers:

“Once called the “forbidden rice” as it was reserved only for Chinese royalty, black rice has powerful anthocyanin antioxidant properties, a luxurious black color, and wonderful nutty flavor.”

Forbidden rice? Reserved for royalty? Definitely sign us up.

Good Behavior

Good Behavior is an India Session Ale brewed for you by Odell Brewing Co. Described as having “bright hop flavors of tropical fruit and juicy peach,” this brew has 4% ABV and only 110 calories. 

It also carries a 3.62 Untappd rating which is higher than most light options, so it’s safe to say Good Behavior is a good beer.

As an added bonus, anytime you take a break and have a beer you get to tell people you have, “time off for Good Behavior.”

Lay Low

The second India Session Ale to make our list, Lay Low by Monday Night Brewing is yet another excellent choice for staying calorie-conscious while refusing to compromise on your craft beer.

This brew has a 3.2% ABV and only 90 calories, which makes it perfect for drinking several in a row, which you’ll definitely want to.  “Hints of tropical fruit and pine wrestle with a pleasant hop bitterness and a slightly sweet malt profile,” according to the brewers. 

That description makes us want to relax in a hammock, listen to great music, and enjoy the sunshine while drinking this brew.  In other words, we guess, we want to Lay Low.

Da Shootz!

Da Shootz! is a low (99) calorie pilsner with a 4% ABV created by Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. This brew is described by the brewers as, “Clean, lightly toasted, light citrus, bubbly, and refreshing. 

A simple style with low ABV and low IBU so you can keep on keeping on.” Is it just us or are you suddenly somehow both thirsty and very relaxed too?

Now that you have a solid list of options for low calorie craft beer, consider your summer body ready to go. (That is all it takes to get a summer body, right? We’re beer nerds here, not doctors.) 

In any case, whether you’re looking to avoid gaining a Quarantine-15 or just looking for some great new brews, these options will definitely hit the spot.