Ingenious is releasing The Simpsons-inspired can art to benefit front line workers.

Healing Power - Ingenious Brewing
Photo Courtesy of Ingenious Brewing

Humble, TX-based Ingenious Brewing company recently announced they will be releasing a series of three beers dedicated to raising funds for front line healthcare workers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

10% of the sale of the releases will be split three ways between the following Houston, TX-area organizations:

Assist The Officer Houston

Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston

Feed the Front Line Texas

Ingenious plans to release three different beers that will feature can art of characters from The Simpsons in health care garb.

The three beers being released are:

  1. Healing Power – a 14% Russian imperial stout conditioned on hazelnut coffee and pecan coffee.
  2. Chief Cherry – a 5.8% heavily fruited tart Berliner conditioned on sweet red cherries and Madagascar vanilla beans.
  3. BoysEN-Blue – a 5.5% traditional cream ale jam packed with blueberries, boysenberry jam, and glazed donuts

The release will begin Sunday, May 24th at noon. More details can be found on their website.