Distribution Alert! Embark on a New Trail!

New Trail Brewing
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Ok, so, happy news!

New Trail Brewing (located in Williamsport, PA), is going to start distributing in the Pittsburgh area, as of last week!

NOTE: Steel City Beer Wholesalers will be distributing New Trail Brewing in the Pittsburgh market.

As an avid Pennsylvania beer drinker and a hiker, this brewery always blows me away with their nature-themed beers and can art.

Don’t worry – the taste is incredible as well! My family camps in the area and we always bring a case or two back with us.

New Trail has collaborated with local favorite Dancing Gnome to release a beer (an IPA of course) last year, and that’s why the name may ring a bell to those who are total hazebois.

One of their flagships, Broken Heels, is a must try if you love a good hazy IPA.

Another favorite is S.O.B. Hill, a great IPA for my West Coast loving friends.

Looking for something different than an IPA? They make an excellent amber ale and pils as well!

Check out their Instagram for more information on where to grab a few of these central PA treats in Pittsburgh and let me know what you think in the comments below! Cheers!