Star Dust by Couch Brewery
Photo Credit: Couch Brewery
Star Dust by Couch Brewery
Photo Credit: Couch Brewery
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True life: I’m in love with Couch Brewing’s Seltzers

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As a tried and true beer drinker, I’ve never been one to reach for a mixed drink, cocktail or anything of the like. Beer is reliable and comforting – that other stuff? Meh. 

Lo and behold, the seltzer phenomenon entered the world. I stayed away from it and scoffed it off, as I’m sure more than a few of you did as well.

However, I have done a complete 180 since trying the unreal hard seltzer options that Couch Brewery is offering via takeout.

My first love was the mango passionfruit – so citrusy and fabulous.

Next, I tried the orange cream – it was just the right balance of vanilla and orange – perfect for a warmer day. Then, my heart was completely stolen by the cola seltzer. WOW – this one was a homerun out of the park with the flavor and the drinkability – I’ll take 4 cases, please (But really.  Expect me back for more).

Lesson learned throughout this parable – try new things, even if they’re not where you normally go. You could get surprised and have a new favorite!

Listen: Check out Couch Brewing on Episode 6 of our Behind The Hops podcast.

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