Add these rare beers to your Beer Bucket List (if you haven’t already)

Add these rare beers to your Beer Bucket List (if you haven’t already)

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Every beer nerd needs a good Beer Bucket List. Whether it’s breweries you want to visit or badges you want to earn on Untappd, all of us have beer goals that we need to accomplish.

We’re here to make that harder for you by giving you a quick list of three of the rarest beers in the world, some of which you may have heard legends of and none of which are easy to come by.

Add these ultra rare beers to your Beer Bucket List:

  1. Westvleteren 12

    You may have heard the tale of this beer before. Westvleteren 12 is brewed by monks in one of the seven Trappist Monasteries in the world, the St. Sixtus Abbey.

    The monks have been brewing this beer with the same recipe for sixty years, but only produce 3,800 barrels a year.

    The reason for the shortage is that the monks are only allowed to produce and sell enough to support themselves for the year, and not a drop more.

    Purchasing this beer requires a pre-order of an (obviously) limited amount, at which point you must pick up your purchase from the abbey itself. Don’t bother pausing to Google it, we already had to and it’s in Belgium.

    However, a 24-bottle crate is only $50, so at least it isn’t the price that makes it so unattainable.
  2. Cantillion Zwanze

    You’re probably planning your trip to Belgium right now for Westvleteren 12, so take our advice and go September 19th. Not because the weather will be particularly nice that day or anything, but because that’s Zwanze Day in Belgium, a beer festival of sorts where the famous Cantillion Zwanze can be taste tested. And that’s the only day it can be taste tested.

    Brewed by Brasserie Cantillion, a small pour (yes, that’s the maximum amount you get) of the Zwanze is going to run you $110. However, that price also includes your ticket to Zwanze Day, a collector’s glass, a bottle of a “surprise side project beer” and unlimited samples of other beers present at the festival, according to a Zwanze Day website.

    Oh, and did we mention the recipe changes every year? That means if you mark Cantillion Zwanze off your bucket list in 2020, it will have to go right back on for 2021.
  3. Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout

    Despite its name, Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout is also brewed in Belgium. Just kidding.

    This beer is brewed in Iowa, and according to the lucky ones who have tried it, it tastes like chocolate chip pancakes, maple syrup, bourbon, and espresso.

    Brewed by Toppling Goliath Brewing Company, this beer is 12.0% ABV and will cost you $100 a bottle, because only 300-400 bottles are made per year. You can only get it at the brewery, usually only on one day a year, and have to reserve your spot in advance. Their website also specifically mentions that you have to get your bottle exactly at your appointment time, and if you’re late you’re out of luck.

    But honestly, who would be late for getting a bottle of that? These three rare and legendary beers are definitely good additions to your Beer Bucket List (if they weren’t there already), but if you’ve already tried one we desperately want to hear about it so let us know in the comments.

    If you’ve tried more than one of these beers maybe stop bragging and go buy a lottery ticket or something. We’re not jealous, you’re jealous. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a Belgium trip to plan.

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