Four Points Brewing - 400
Photo Courtesy Four Points Brewing
Four Points Brewing - 400
Photo Courtesy Four Points Brewing

Today in notable releases: Four Points drops a new staple IPA, Free Will drops Mango Wheat, and Ingenious drops a new lager.

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We’re rounding up the day’s notable beer releases and came across a new staple IPA from Four Points Brewing (Charleroi, PA), a Mango Wheat from Free Will Brewing (Perkasie, PA), and a lager drop from Ingenious (Humble, TX).

Four Points Brewing


Style: IPA – 7.0%

Rumor has, well actually the brewer’s Twitter says, 400 may become a new year-round IPA at Four Points Brewing.

Free Will Brewing

Mango Wheat

Style: American Pale Wheat – 5.0%

We missed this one last year, so glad to see it come back again this year. With the weather warming up, this one is sure to be a big hit on decks and lawnmowers this summer.

Ingenious Brewing Co.

American Lager

Style: American Lager – 5.0%

You can tell it’s getting closer to summer because we’re getting more and more excited about the crispyboi releases we keep seeing. Ingenious Brewing dropped a new American Lager for sale, and we really wish we were closer to Texas now!

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