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Side Project starts taking reservations for Blend #4 of Anabasis.. and sells out in 30 seconds.

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So last night, Side Project (St. Louis, MO) began taking pickup reservations for Blend #4 of Anabasis, their barrel-aged barleywine that’s “brewed with American malts and hops, but fermented with a strong English Ale strain.”

Given the high demand for the beer, Side Project sold out all stock in less than one minute, and fans who missed out on the drop weren’t the happiest bunch.

Side Project was offering three packages for Anabasis:

  1. Anabasis Blend #4, Mousseux Alban & Biere du Pays
  2. Anabasis Blend #4, Mousseux Alban & Punchdown Chambourcin
  3. Anabasis Blend #4 & 2 Punchdown Chambourcin

All packages were offered for $100.

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