Saturday’s Top Releases: Two peach cobbler offerings and a cookie cream pie!

Abjuration Brewing - Peach Cobbler Milkshake Ale v.10
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Today’s Saturday, so we wanted to round up some of the top beer releases we’re following this weekend. Today, we’re following releases from Abjuration Brewing, Mellow Mink Brewing, and Ingenious Brewing!

The quarantine must be giving us a sweet tooth, because we’re following two Peach Cobbler drops and a Cookie Cream Pie drop!

Abjuration Brewing (Pittsburgh, PA)

Peach Cobbler Milkshake Ale (PCMA v1.0) – 5.5%

We love Abjuration’s milkshake ales and we also happen to love Peach Cobbler. Our friends at Abjuration brewed this one with a whole slew of ingredients and we can’t wait to try it.

PCMA v1.0 can be ordered online and picked up at the brewery today from 1-6pm and tomorrow (4/19/2020) from 1-4pm.

Listen to Abjuration Brewing on Episode 11 of Behind The Hops.

Mellow Mink Brewing

Double Peach Cobbler IPA

One of our favorite breweries in Central PA! We visited them last fall and enjoyed every beer they had on tap including a delicious Apple Pie they had on tap.

When we read they were releasing a Double Peach Cobbler IPA, we knew we had to tell Central PA to grab it immediately!

Double Peach Cobbler IPA is available in growler fills. Also available is a tart cheery pie version of Janet Weisse.

Listen to Mellow Mink Brewing on Episode 33 of Behind The Hops.

Ingenious Brewing Co.

Cookie Cream Pie – 10%

After the successful, and delicious, release of Cowboy Cookie (their collab with Richmond, VA-based The Answer), we can certify that Ingenious knows how to brew with cookies.

Cookie Cream Pie is imperial milk stout conditioned on cacao nibs, oatmeal, cookie dough, and cream frosting.

While the beer was was actually released yesterday, however, as of the time of the writing of this post, the beer was still available in 32 oz growler fills. Beer can be ordered by calling the brewery.