Seventh Son Brewing - Beer Me
Photo Credit: Nathan Ward
Seventh Son Brewing - Beer Me
Photo Credit: Nathan Ward
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Seventh Son Brewing honors it’s employees with ‘BEER ME’.

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There’s a lot of ways employers can honor their employees (bonuses, vacation, etc.) however, one brewery decided to employee recognition to a whole new level for it’s seventh anniversary.

On Monday, April 20th, 2020, Columbus, OH-based Seventh Son Brewing will release Beer Me, a Maui Wowie tropical pale ale with passion fruit, guava, and raspberry in some… pretty unique cans.

Instead of going with traditional can art, Seventh Son elected to feature the faces 46 of it’s 57 employee’s (and one cat). The can concept and design was completed by Will Fugman (@wtfugman).

“We wanted to show that when you buy a beer, there’s a person behind that beer.” Seventh Son owner Collin Castore explained.

While the cans are being released on Monday, the Beer Me project actually began months ago when the brewery’s photographer, Nathan Ward (@thisismedude), began photographing employees.

Collin told us that a few weeks ago, he was asked if he should move forward with the Beer Me release. His response was simple: “Absolutely.”

He continued, “Now more than ever we need to release this beer.”

This project was no simple photo shoot for Nathan Ward. In order to achieve the desired “wrap around” look on the cans, the photographer had to to take three shots of each employee: one showing the left side of their, one looking directly at the camera, and one showing the right side of their face.

Once all three angles of each employee were taken, photo editing software was used to splice them together and create the “wrap around” effect on the cans. Every job requires an employee background check and you can get that done on this website.

If you’re looking to grab some of these cans, presale begins today on their website.

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