Nick P Beer glasses
Nick P Beer Glasses
Nick P Beer glasses
Nick P Beer Glasses

Here’s some awesome glassware collections from Fueled By Hops members.

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We asked members of our Facebook group to show us some pictures of their glassware collections, and let’s just say they didn’t disappoint.

The old adage remains: you can’t call yourself a true beer nerd without an awesome collection of vessels to drink from (well, maybe not).

Here’s what’s our Facebook members showed us:

Adam R Glassware collection
Adam R.’s collection. He re-purposed an old CD rack to display some of his glasses (shown on the left)
Nick P's beer glasses
Nick P’s glassware collection is quite impressive, featuring glasses of all styles as well as growlers and mugs. Incredible.
Nate O. has always had a pretty impressive beer glass collection, but we have a funny feeling this is only a small portion of his true collection (since we don’t see any FBH glasses here – lol!)
Nick A. has a pretty solid collection of glasses from multiple designers as well as bobbleheads (nice touch!)
Emily E. has a super clean display that features some quality tumblers and tekus. (We see some Glassplay glasses in there!)
Daniel S. calls his collection “weak” but we disagree. Just checkout the Hoppystyle and Crispyboi glasses displayed up front!
Josh S. built this display cabinet himself. Not sure what’s more impressive: the woodworking or the collection.
Jason V. has a pretty awesome collection of glasses. Do you spot the F*ck Cancer glass?

What does your beer glass collection look like? Drop those pics in the comments!

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