IT’S OFFICIAL: ‘Any time’ is now a good time to start drinking a beer.

What time can we start drinking? Blog featured image.
What time can we start drinking?

If you’re stuck at home in wake of COVID-19 concerns and “stay-at-home” mandates, you may be wondering what time of the day is acceptable to drink your first beer?

This is a valid question.

For a lot of us, the “stay-at-home” have these last few weeks feeling more like the annual “runs-all-together” last week of December.

Since days and nights and weeks are starting to run together, we went in to our Facebook group and asked the members to answer a pretty simple poll:

“What time is it acceptable to start drinking when you’re on stay-at-home orders? “

If you’ve been pondering an answer don’t worry… over 70% of the members of the Fueled By Hops community on Facebook all agree: ANY TIME IS A GOOD TIME TO DRINK A BEER.

It should be noted that 20% of respondents answered that the appropriate time “As soon as work let’s out”. (We salute you, brave souls!)

Nevertheless, the group left us with some great comments:

Joshua C.’s long-widend response to the question was, “When waking refreshments become questionable, unless it’s appropriately part of waking for example: kegs n’ eggs, Irish coffee, bloody Mary’s.. exclusions are like Sunday morning coming down or LMFAO/ lil Jon style multiple day shots benders, then I feel it’s totally appropriate to begin upon waking “

Bailee K. responded, “On my days off it is always Beer thirty.”

Martin L. responded, “Why not go old school like Don Draper in Mad Men?!? We gotta get our creative juices flowing! 🍻 “

And my personal favorite from David R., “Gonna grab my brewski gonna hold it tight, lookin forward to a little afternoon delight…… “