FueledLive!: A new, interactive livecast coming at you!

FueledLive! - A Livecast for Beer Nerds weekly, Wednesdays at 8:00pm.

Tomorrow evening at 8pm, we’ll launch our latest live podcast, FueledLive! in our Facebook group.

Inspired by our recent quarantine orders, the FueledLive! podcast will combine a talk show, a podcast, and audience interaction to create a very unique live-streamed experience.

Featuring up to 4 guests weekly, FueledLive! will give you access to some of your favorite craft beer names. From brewers, to brewery owners, to farmers, to glassware designers, to influencers, bloggers, and podcasters – we plan to cover all the names you want to hear from.

Guests on the show, along with myself as host, will form a weekly roundtable discussion about all the hot topics, and not-so-hot topics, in craft beer at the moment. We’ll also learn more about the guests and give the audience the ability to interact with them.

Members of the Fueled By Hops Facebook Group can watch the show be streamed live in the Fueled By Hops Facebook Group. Footage will also be streamed live to Youtube.

Week one’s guests include Aadam Soorma from Very Local Pittsburgh, Nick Adams from The Weekly Recap Podcast and Jason Cercone from Breaking Brews.