Ep. 34 – The story behind Andrew Witchey and Dancing Gnome in Sharpsburg, PA.

Behind The Hops Episode 34 - Dancing Gnome Beer in Sharpsburg, PA
Dancing Gnome Beer - Sharpsburg, PA (Episode 34)

On today’s episode of the Behind The Hops podcast, Joe and I sit down with Andrew Witchey, brewery owner and brewmaster at Dancing Gnome beer in Sharpsburg, PA. Dancing Gnome is a staple in the world of craft beer. They’ve growing a tremendous following with their hazy IPAs. Furthermore, they’re well-known for their sour series, Underscore and their stouts.

Andrew sits down with us and tells us about his journey in to craft beer. We hear how he went from home brewer to owning one of the most popular breweries in Pittsburgh. We also hear why he decided to start a brewery in Sharpsburg, PA, and not another part of the city.

For you New England IPA fans, Andrew tells us why he decided to focus on the hazy IPA style. He also tells us how North Country Brewing and Tired Hands Brewing influenced this decision. Also, if you’re a fan of Lustra day, Andrew hints at when Lustra Day 2020 will be held.

Andrew has some great plans for the future of Dancing Gnome. We wrap things up by hearing his plans for the brewery in the future.


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