The Monthly Re-Fuel Has Arrived!

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Ok, all of us here at Fueled By Hops are not going crazy. We (myself and the other group admins) been relentlessly posting throughout our Facebook group and social media the word “Re-Fuel.” for a reason.

Yesterday, we announced The Monthly Re-Fuel, a monthly can drop for our members that is being brought to you by Wilson-McGinley, Inc., one of Pittsburgh’s largest beer distributors.

The Monthly Re-Fuel will feature one new brewery each month. Each month, you and all your craft beer friends (see what I did there?) will be able to reserve and purchase cans and bottles from the featured brewery. When the cans arrive a few weeks later, you’ll be able to pick them up at Wilson-McGinley, Inc.

There’s no monthly commitments, no subscription fees, and no shipping charges.

We’re reaching out to all our brewery friends from all over the U.S. to create a pipeline of great beer for you to enjoy and we think you’re going to love each brewery we feature.

For the first month, Parish Brewing from Louisiana will be featured. Parish is sending to Pennsylvania some of their Braincake, an 8% DIPA the recently released. Per Parish this beer is…

A double-wheat malt profile imparts a featherlike, fleecy mouthfeel with the familiar edge of an intense dry-hop combo. Featuring new hops like Strata and Cashmere, this medium-bodied double IPA wafts sweet berry cobbler on the nose while Citra Incognito offers a clean, tropical finish and bright mango and guava on the palate.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Monthly Re-Fuel, head to over the official site..