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We took the day off yesterday, but we’re back at it today with your latest headlines!

Brew Local, Export Global: U.S. microbreweries test the waters in international markets (TheGrowler.com)

While it’s routinely positioned as a “local” product in a locavore climate, increasing international demand for U.S. craft beer could help brands survive. Americans are not drinking more year over year, beer is losing ground to wine and spirits in the overall domestic market, and competition among U.S. alcohol brands is at an all-time high.

Molson Coors To Acquire Detroit Craft Brewery Atwater (Forbes)

Tenth and Blake Beer Company, the U.S. craft beer division of multinational beer maker Molson Coors Beverage Company, will acquire Detroit’s Atwater Brewery for an undisclosed sum.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed and the transaction is expected to close “within the next couple of months,” according to a press release.

The Best Breweries in Portland, Maine (Thrillist)

Now is the time to visit a brewery in Portland, Maine. There are currently 11.3 breweries per capita in Maine, the third-highest in the US, which itself is a jump of two places since 2016. There are tons of options available, too — and plenty of ways to explore those options. You can take the Maine Beer Trail Challenge, you can take a Brew Tour Bus, or you can simply walk around a fantastic city while keeping this guide to the best breweries in Portland handy.

Brooklyn man registers beer as emotional support animal (NYPost.com)

Brooklyn resident Floyd Hayes, 47, registered a pint of beer as an emotional support animal with the USA Service Dog Registration in December, according to Ale Street News.

A Florida brewery released beer cans that feature dogs that are ready to be adopted (CNN.com)

A Bradenton, Florida, brewery has just given everyone participating in “Dry January” a reason to end the sober month a little bit early.Motorworks Brewing is featuring the faces of four different smiling shelter dogs on each can of its Adoptable Dog Cruiser Kölsch — all for a good cause.

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