Required Reading for January 16, 2020

Required Reading for January 16, 2020

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Here’s some of today’s top headlines in craft beer:

Pabst Launches Craft Beer Brand, Captain Pabst, with Flagship IPA (

The Los Angeles-headquartered maker of Pabst Blue Ribbon announced today the launch of Captain Pabst, a standalone craft beer brand outside of the PBR family, and the launch of its flagship offering, Seabird IPA, in Wisconsin and Illinois.

A New Wave of Small Craft Breweries Is Redefining Midwestern Beer Culture (

Despite America’s perception of the Midwest as a featureless paragon of normalcy, craft breweries show that variety is central to the Midwestern experience. At the same time, the juxtaposition of these flavorful, experimental ales with the conservatively flavored light lagers of yore is representative of a bigger picture: This region is complicated.

100 women to brew one mighty beer in Cherry Hill for Womens Brew Day (

At least 100 women from breweries across New Jersey will gather Monday, Feb. 3 at Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co., in Cherry Hill, to create a beer together.

Gear up: Cool new equipment and vessels that can upgrade almost any craft brewery (

This recap of awesome equipment is aimed at helping you improve operations in 2020. The year is still fresh, new and optimistic. Opportunity is just over the horizon, and what better catalyst for future success than to improve your manufacturing operations.

Notorious Drug Kingpin ‘El Chapo’ Returns…But Now as Beer on Shop Shelfs (

Guzman’s daughter Alejandrina, who runs a fashion and lifestyle company, unveiled a craft beer called El Chapo Mexican Lager, named after the drug cartel boss.

The beer still doesn’t have the required permission to be sold on the market, so it was brought out just for display.

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