Stone Cold Steve Austin’s IPA finally hits the East Coast.

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It’s probably one of the most iconic pictures of my childhood.

You hear the glass shatter and the pounding of the music starts. Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out from under the jumbotron, wearing a black, skull-laced vest, and bringing his attitude straight to the ring.

He wrestles hard, throws a boot in the stomach of his oppenent, and then finishes him off with his patented ‘Stunner’ move. 1…2…3.. Steve Austin wins.

When the match is over, a few cheap domestic beers come flying up from the crowd and land in Steve Austin’s hands. He climbs the ropes, cracks open the beers, and chugs them down before discarding the empty cans in the crowd.

Every teenager in those days loved that scene.

But, we all grow up and our tastes change. The teenagers grew out of WWE (some of us any way), and Stone Cold has progessed from cheap, domestic brew to West Coast IPAs? That’s right, you read that correctly.

In 2015, Stone Cold Steve Austin teamed up with the folks from California-based El Segundo Brewing Company to develop Broken Skull IPA, a 6.7% West Coast Style IPA hopped up with Citra, Cascade and Chinook.

Until recently, the beer was only available on the West Coast, distributing only to Southern California. However, more recently, the six-time World Wrestling Entertainment champion has brought his beer to the East Coast for distribution in New Jersey.

The beer is expected to land in New Jersey this weekend.

You can read more about the development of Broken Skull IPA here.