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005 From brewing in to Spain to brewing in Homestead, the story of Enix Brewing

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On today’s episode, I sit down with David Rodriguez, the head brewer and co-owner of Enix Brewing in Homestead, PA.

Enix Brewing is unique for a number of reasons.  First, prior to starting Enix brewing David helped pioneer the craft brewing explosion in Spain.  In fact, Enix is the third brewery that David has opened. 

What’s neat about David’s experience in Spain is that he’s able to bring that Spanish influence back to America in the form of his food menu and tap list.

Aside from having an awesome tap list and food menu, Enix also has a great space for live music and, believe it or not, actually has an 8 lane bowling alley attached to the brewery (certainly not something you see every day).

Enix is celebrating their one-year anniversary this week, so we thought they would make the perfect guest for this week’s episode.




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