Canning has changed the whole game.

Canning has changed the whole game.

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Earlier this evening, I was rummaging through my beer cooler to find a tasty beer for this Monday night.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t as easy of a task as I thought it would be. I bought my beverage fridge about a month ago to help keep my personal fridge from getting so clogged up with cans… yes, lots and lots of CANS.

Ten years ago, canned craft beer was essentially nonexistent. In fact, the only craft beer I remember coming in cans back in those days was Dale’s Pale Ale (I still love DPA by the way.) For the most part, beer in those days was put out in bottles.

Do you guys even remember drinking a beer from a bottle? I barely do. These days, canning is all the rage.

In fact, I’d argue that canning has essentially mad bottles obsolete. Is that a good thing? Maybe. Canning has helped the craft beer culture grow a MASSIVE trade community.  

This has helped so many people all over the country get access to beers from far away from their home towns.  Trading is just bigger and bigger.  If you’re in Pittsburgh, and want some cans from an area like, say, Portland, I can guarantee you that Facebook will help connect you with a fellow trader in that area looking to get their hands on some Pittsburgh stuff.  It’s remarkable how canning has built this trading culture and it’s amazing seeing craft beer grow as an industry as a result.

At this very moment, I probably keep about 150-200 cans in my beer fridge (I’ve never counted). Is this something I would do with bottles?  Most likely not.

The featured image of this post is my personal beer fridge.  I love walking by it and seeing all the cans lined up so nicely.  Each can represents a different style, a different brewer, a different city, different artwork, etc.  It’s like my beer fridge is a hodgepodge of great beer waiting for me to dive in to it.

Do I love drinking the beer?  Yes. But I have to admit, I have a hard time polishing off the last beer of a certain kind. I love having a large variety of beer at all times, so I try keeping the last beer of a set around from as long as possible.

So where am I going with this post?  My point is that canning has ignited a whole new level of interest in craft beer that bottling was never able to reach.

I expect that trend to continue for a long time. In fact, I’m banking on it. The only down side is that I may have to buy another beer fridge – lol.

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