Fury Brewing Company – A Series of Sweet Karate Moves

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As crazy as this sounds, I actually got to try this beer at a semi-professional wrestling event (long story.)

Series of Sweet Karate Moves (SoSKM) is a New England Style IPA produced by the guys at Fury Brewing in Irwin, PA. According to Untappd, the beer is “Brewed with milk sugar and generously hopped with Mosaic and El Dorado.”

Before I begin, I’ll admit that I tried this beer when it was slightly warm, which had a bit of a hindrance on my review.

So with that said, let me just say that I thought the beer was… pretty good.

When I poured the beer (of course in to my Fueled By Hops OG glass), I was impressed with the overall color, head and the slight haziness to the beer.

A quick smell of the beer really brought out some tropical flavors. The combination of the El Dorado and Mosaic brings a lot of notes of grapefruit, mango and a little pineapple.

The first sip really brought the hops forward on my palette. A nice juicy rush of grapefruit gave way to a slight bitterness on the finish. Along the way I grabbed some sweetness from the milk sugar. It’s like the sweetness just jumps out on to your palette.

Overall, it’s a solid NEIPA. Not the best I’ve ever had, but certainly not the worst. I gave it a 4.00 on Untappd but apparently the rest of the drinkers rate it closed to 3.75.